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Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday season. As soon as one vacation is over, I usually start plotting my next getaway–so what are you waiting for? It’s time to start thinking about your travel plans for 2010!

British Virgin Islands:Best Virgin Gorda resorts, restaurants, attractions

British Virgin Islands:Best Virgin Gorda resorts, restaurants and attractions. Photo courtesy of the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board.

Here are 10 New Year trip-planning resolutions for you to consider:

1. Give up your daily Starbucks, stop buying shoes you’ll only wear once or forgo another indulgence so you can take a vacation.
Use the Trip Budget Calculator to find out what you could give up!

2. Don’t go back to the same destination again! Get inspired and go see the world.
Use the Inspiration Finder to match what you like with where you should go.

3. Get organized!
Start a new Trip with the TravelMuse Planner so you can keep all your travel ideas and information in one place.

4. Save bookmarks from other travel Web sites.
Add the TravelMuse Bookmarker to your browser so you can easily save Web pages to your Tripfolio.

5. Collaborate with your co-travelers on planning the ideal Trip.
Invite friends and family to join your Trip so they can add items, comments and contribute.

6. Avoid relying on random reviews written by people you don’t know; get advice from friends you trust.
Ask Friends on Facebook for ideas and advice on where to stay, eat and play.

7. Cut through the clutter and read useful travel information.
Read articles guides and tips from local experts and seasoned travel writers. View other member’s Trips and bookmarks.

8. Easily take your travel information and notes with you.
Create and print a free custom pdf travel guide with all your travel information.

9. Have fun, save time and plan your best trips ever in 2010.
TravelMuse is here to help!

10. Let us know how we’re doing so we can make your travel-planning experience even better!
E-mail support@travelmuse.com

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