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Travel & Leisure’s Top Cities Worldwide

Every year Travel+Leisure invites readers to vote in its 16th annual World’s Best survey, rating cities on things including overall value, sights, shopping and more.  The results include some perennial favorites, and some surprising new additions.

Rome, Italy - Coliseum

Rome, Italy - Coliseum

Florence, Rome and New York City are annual favorites, and this year is no exception. Readers love the culture, cuisine and character of these cities, and they flock to them in droves.

Istanbul is back in the top 5, with its glittering mosques and super-trendy culinary delights. Siem Reap, Cambodia is another top choice that may not be on everyone’s bucket list, but it should: it has evolved from a cluster of riverfront villages into a full-fledged destination complete with art galleries and boutique hotels.

See them all in the World’s Top Cities Slideshow.

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I’m the first to admit that every time I hear reference to Istanbul, that infectious song gets stuck in my head. But Turkey’s most populous city has left its footprint in the history of world civilization without help from some cheesy song.


Photo: HBarrison

In 2010, Istanbul will be celebrated as a capital of European culture with yearlong events, the opening of new exhibits and museums, renovations of landmarks and performances by artists from around the globe. In preparation, the city has renovated landmark attractions and even opened new museums. Renovations include the Ataturk Culture Center, the Topkapi Palace museum and the Hagia Sophia, one of the world’s most famous churches and mosques. Istanbul has also opened the Maslak Culture Center as a venue for performing arts and commenced a Frank Gehry-designed opera house.

The events will follow the theme “A City of Four Elements” to help the city organize the yearlong celebration. Jan. 1 through March 20 will represent the “Earth” period, where archaeological excavations will be showcased, exhibits illustrating the city’s historical development will be featured and the influence of Ottoman Istanbul is detailed. March 21 through June 21 will represent “Air” and will feature multicultural and inter-religious events. “Water” will take place from June 22 through Sept. 22 and boast two weeklong presentations of music, art and food from numerous European countries in waterfront districts of Istanbul. Ending the yearlong celebration “Fire,” which takes place Sept. 22 through Dec. 31, will focus on Turkey’s contemporary art scene.

For more information and a detailed calendar of events, visit or

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