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Rough Guides Launches New Travel E-Books

Check out these new e-books from our friends at Rough Guides: Rough Guides Snapshots, a unique way to access local and reliable guidebook content for specific areas of the world. These standalone regional guides feature places like The Northern Territory (Australia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Fes and the Middle Atlas (Morocco), among many others.

Each Snapshot contains all the travel tips, expert background, trustworthy reviews, practical information and detailed maps that you’d expect from Rough Guides.

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Panama: A New Hotspot For Beach Lovers In The Know

With the Panama Canal undergoing a multi-billion dollar expansion and upgrade, and Panama City’s economy booming, now is the time to check out this Central American treasure trove of culture, nightlife and beautiful beaches.

Panama has something for every traveler: secluded beaches, lush rainforests, and a thriving urban capital, and all can be experienced within the same trip. Check out this great article with gorgeous photos from our friends at BootsnAll, and get inspired to plan your own trip to Panama soon.

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Free Mobile City Guide Apps Available Now

Introducing the new Let’s Go city guide mobile apps, absolutely FREE! Download the apps of your choice for your iPhone or iPod Touch, and enjoy mobile access to Let’s Go content for Amsterdam, London, NYC, Paris and Rome.

The Let's Go Free City Guide Mobile Apps

The Let's Go Free City Guide Mobile Apps

  • Find the hottest restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels, sights, shopping and cultural attractions.
  • Browse know-before-you-go info, fun facts and insider tips.
  • Search for just what you need, when you need it.
  • Get unique pointers on free stuff, Let’s Go Picks, and local favorites.
  • Map what you find, for easy access.
  • Share & check-in via email and Facebook.
  • The new free Let’s Go mobile apps are an easy way to take the Let’s Go trusted guides with you as you explore and connect with other travelers and friends back home. Download them all for your iPhone or iPod Touch:

  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • New York City
  • Paris
  • Rome
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    The Definitive Student Travel Gift Guide

    Our friends at Let’s Go, the renowned student and budget travel guides, have come up with a fabulous and timely gift guide to help you choose the best treats for the student (or budget) traveler in your life.

    The Grid-It Organizer - image courtesy:

    The Grid-It Organizer - image courtesy:

    Whether your budget is huge (a round-the-world ticket, anyone?) or tiny (is a deck of playing cards more in your price range?) the Let’s Go Student Travel Gift Guide has some great ideas for your favorite backpacker. Check them all out here, and send someone packing in style!


    Holiday Travel Tips for Even The Most Seasoned Travelers

    Happy Holidays! You may be in the midst of some serious travel planning, whether you’re jetting off to a tropical escape, hitting the slopes for a snowy adventure, or taking some time to visit family and friends. Holiday travel can be stressful, and we’ve got some helpful holiday travel tips to ease the process.

    You might be a seasoned traveler who zooms through security with barely a pause, or a travel novice who rarely leaves your own zip code. Either way, airport travel around the holidays can be hectic enough to throw anyone for a loop.

    Holiday Travel - image credit: Flickr

    Holiday Travel - image credit: Flickr

    Check out these holiday travel tips for frequent fliers who don’t normally need tips from, and minimize the hassle.

    Five Things You Absolutely Must Know: A Holiday Travel Survival Guide comes from our friends at, and helps arm you with strategies to deal with hectic holiday trips.

    This article from helps you figure out the best and worst days to travel around Christmas – just one or two days can make a huge difference and save you hundreds of dollars per flight.

    Happy holidays everyone – travel safely, enjoy your trip, and most importantly, relax!


    The travel research and planning site has launched a new Travel Q&A feature, allowing users to login via Facebook and get recommendations, photos and other input from friends on potential travel destinations.

    Uptake's New Travel Q&A Feature

    Uptake's New Travel Q&A Feature

    What makes Uptake’s approach different, and maybe even better, than other social travel sites such as is that Uptake accesses all your friends’ information about a particular destination, not just check-ins and places people have lived. You’ll get access to friends’ photos, comments and status updates about your destinations of interest, which results in much more information being shared. And as we all know, the more information the better when trying to plan a trip.

    To try Uptake’s new Travel Q&A feature for yourself, visit, log in, and let the sharing begin!

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    Every year, Frommer’s releases their must-do travel list, and it’s always sure to include at least a few eyebrow-raisers. Beirut, Lebanon? You might not know that it’s a sophisticated coastal city bustling with energy. Kansas City, MO? The world-class Kauffmann Center for the Performing Arts just opened, attracting some of the biggest names in dance and music.

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Photo credit: Flickr

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Photo credit: Flickr

    Check out the full list here for some other surprising – and not so surprising – travel ideas.


    TravelMuse Featured as Top Travel Site on

    We wanted to say thanks to, for featuring TravelMuse today as one of their site picks.

    According to them, “TravelMuse makes it easy to plan your next trip by helping you save information from any Web site offering relevant travel recommendations and also giving you the tools to organize all your research in one place.”


    Read all about how to create a comprehensive trip by clipping points of interest to your trip, scheduling them into an itinerary, and saving your trip to review later or share with others.

    And of course they loved our handy custom printable PDF guides for any trip you create – how could they not?

    Thanks,, for featuring us!


    Offensive Hand Gestures To Avoid

    When traveling internationally, it’s not easy to anticipate how an innocent flick of the hand or “OK” sign might be interpreted. Body language varies wildly from culture to culture, and it’s not a bad idea to brush up on local hand gestures and other movements in order to avoid a misunderstanding – or even an altercation. You might think you’re flashing the peace sign to your new buddies, while they might take your gesture rather differently.

    Photo credit: Flickr

    Photo credit: Flickr

    Check out this “handy” guide to some gestures that might not mean what you think – and should probably be avoided in places including Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and more. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

    Flipping The Pájaro: A Multicultural Guide To Rude Gestures, from The Huffington Post



    Google Flight Search Makes its Debut

    Google flight search launched last week, and it’s already become the buzz of the travel industry and travelers everywhere. It’s fast, fun to use, and easy to get the results you’re looking for.

    Try this for inspiration: enter your departure city and the dates you’re thinking about traveling. Voila! Cities pop up with prices for flights on those dates. Click a destination and instantly get flight times and details, then narrow down by airline, frequent flier program, flight length and more.

    The only thing you can’t do — so far — is book your flight. Head on over to your favorite airline website for that. And if you want to research an international flight, you’re out of luck — at least for now. But we’re sure it’s coming soon, along with lots more helpful travel features we’re sure they’ve got up their sleeve.

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