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Happy Holidays! You may be in the midst of some serious travel planning, whether you’re jetting off to a tropical escape, hitting the slopes for a snowy adventure, or taking some time to visit family and friends. Holiday travel can be stressful, and we’ve got some helpful holiday travel tips to ease the process.

You might be a seasoned traveler who zooms through security with barely a pause, or a travel novice who rarely leaves your own zip code. Either way, airport travel around the holidays can be hectic enough to throw anyone for a loop.

Holiday Travel - image credit: Flickr

Holiday Travel - image credit: Flickr

Check out these holiday travel tips for frequent fliers who don’t normally need tips from ConsumerTraveler.com, and minimize the hassle.

Five Things You Absolutely Must Know: A Holiday Travel Survival Guide comes from our friends at Elliott.org, and helps arm you with strategies to deal with hectic holiday trips.

This article from CheapTicketLinks.org helps you figure out the best and worst days to travel around Christmas – just one or two days can make a huge difference and save you hundreds of dollars per flight.

Happy holidays everyone – travel safely, enjoy your trip, and most importantly, relax!

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