A Seattle Guidebook That Really Gets Kids

This kid-specific Seattle guidebook offers a comprehensive overview of the city’s attractions with an eye to children’s entertainment and education.


The city of Seattle has much to offer families, from its fabulous and fun 74-acre Seattle Center, with the Space Needle, Children’s Museum, Experience Music Project, and many other venues, to the much-touted bike paths and boundless outdoor activities. It is quite simple to get around without a car and many attractions are within easy reach of each other. This guidebook assumes you’re in the city, can get around and already have accommodations. It delves straight into what to do and where to go around town—and it’s designed specifically with your kids in mind. 

by Ann Bergman and Virginia Smyth. Sasquatch Books, 2005; $18.95

Who better to know and write about the city than two former editors of Seattle’s Child (a local family magazine)? Between the two of them, authors Ann Bergman and Virginia Smyth have nine children, further proof that they have surely figured out all of what Seattle has to offer for families with children of every age. Their book details the usual—museums, theaters and the like—but also gives lots of suggestions for kid-friendly restaurants, a list of all the wading pools in the city and fun workshops and learning programs.


This is a very comprehensive guide and easy to navigate. The authors broke the book into simple chapters by category such as Animals, Parks, Indoor Fun, Eating Out, and so on. Icons next to venues indicate whether there is a playground or restaurant nearby, handy to know if you have an antsy or hungry kid in tow.

Great Tips

There is a plethora of ideas for free and low-cost activities given here. They include where to find outdoor movies, great kid hikes and even where to find cool outdoor statues to climb. You and your family won’t want to miss the “Fremont Troll,” which features a Volkswagen Bug being eaten.


The book reads as one long list after another, which makes for rather dull reading. This is not an “armchair traveler” book painting a picture of Seattle. This is a book for getting information fast.

Worth Buying?

Yes. Most Seattle guidebooks we researched had very little advice specifically geared to families. This book is an invaluable resource for both first-time visitors and residents, and is packed with information. 

Destinations: Seattle

Themes: Family Travel

Activities: Arts and Entertainment, Parks and Playgrounds

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