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Soccer—or football as it’s known in Italy—is one of Rome’s most beloved sports and pastimes. Rome has two Premier League clubs: AS Roma and SS Lazio. Fans of each team have a longstanding rivalry for differences based on political background, geographical location and the history of the competition. All of their matches are played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Matches are generally held on Sundays, so make your way to the stadium to see an interesting aspect of Roman culture. Just be wary—fans can get rowdy and even violent at times.

Popular places for Soccer in Rome

Stadio Olimpico (Soccer Stadium)
Piazzale del Foro Italico
Centro Sportivo Vittorio Bachelet (Soccer Stadium)
Via vitellia 50   +39 06 580 6854
Campo Testaccio (Soccer Stadium)
VIA Nicola Zabaglia
Atletico 2000 (Soccer Stadium)
Via di Centocelle, 100
Campo Roma (Soccer Stadium)
Via Farsalo 21
Certosa Calcio (Soccer Stadium)
Via di Centocelle, 246
Associazione Sportiva Pian Due Torri (Soccer Stadium)
Riva Pian Due Torri
Circolo Futbolclub (Soccer Stadium)
Viale degli olimpionici
Sony Ericsson football hotspot (Soccer Stadium)
Via della Pallacanestro
Polisportiva Millesimo (Soccer Stadium)
Via di Torrevecchia 171
Stadio Flaminio (Soccer Stadium)
Viale dello Stadio Flaminio   +39 06 3685 7197
Centro Sporivo Villaggio Breda (Soccer Stadium)
Via Ercole Marelli, 29
Centro Sportivo Longarina (Soccer Stadium)
Via Luigi Pernier 92
Borghesiana Soccer Academy (Sports Club)
Via della capanna murata, 120

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