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Tokyo is a popular location for students to study abroad, and it’s no wonder considering the amount of culture the city is imbued with. You don’t need to be enrolled in an accredited university to experience Tokyo on a deeper, more intimate level. Although the city is becoming easier to navigate without knowning Japanese, why not take a basic Japanese class before or during your stay in Tokyo to enhance the experience? If you’re not dedicated to learning the basics of Japanese, then try learning the katakana script. For native English speakers, teaching English in Tokyo is the easiest way to work in the city. In turn, you’ll become more familiar with Japanese language, customs and cultures.

Food is a great way to come to understand the culture and history of a new destination. But instead of just eating it, why don’t you learn how to prepare it too? For the culinary-minded traveler, weekend sushi-rolling classes are available at the Tokyo Sushi Academy.

Popular places for Experiential Travel in Tokyo

EDOYA (Restaurant)
麻布十番2-12-8   +81 3-3452-2922
NARISAWA (French Restaurant)
南青山2-6-15   +81 3-5785-0799
Massimottavio (Italian Restaurant)
永福4-4-4   +81 3-6802-7648
Niku no Mansei (肉の万世 秋葉原本店) (Steakhouse)
神田須田町2-21   +81 3-3251-0291
Sakura Tei (さくら亭) (Okonomiyaki Restaurant)
神宮前3-20-1   +81 3-3479-0039
焼肉 くにもと 本店 (BBQ Joint)
浜松町2-12-2   +81 3-3578-1129
sincere (シンシア) (French Restaurant)
千駄ヶ谷3-7-13   +81 3-6804-2006
ABC Cooking Studio (ABC Cooking Studio ベルビー赤坂) (Cooking School)
赤坂3-1-6   +81 3-3568-1851
築地 山長 (Gourmet Shop)
築地4-16-2   +81 3-3541-0289
Florilege (フロリレージュ) (French Restaurant)
神宮前2-5-4   +81 3-6440-0878
ABC Cooking Studio plus international (Cooking School)
赤坂9-7-1   +81 3-5413-3476
炭火網焼料理 鬼亭 (Japanese Restaurant)
渋谷1-9-4   +81 3-3797-1002
spoon cafe by ABC Cooking Studio (Café)
赤坂3-1-6   +81 3-3588-5058
Tapas Molecular Bar (タパス モラキュラーバー) (Tapas Restaurant)
日本橋室町2-1-1   +81 120-806-823
Takesue Tokyo Premium (竹末東京プレミアム) (Ramen Restaurant)
業平5-14-7   +81 3-5610-4649
マスダ亭 (Japanese Restaurant)
宇田川町22-1   +81 3-3462-0016
Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto (蒙古タンメン中本 上板橋本店) (Ramen Restaurant)
常盤台4-33-3   +81 3-5398-1233
bépocah (Peruvian Restaurant)
神宮前2-17-6   +81 3-6804-1377
HIGASHI-YAMA Tokyo (Japanese Restaurant)
東山1-21-25   +81 3-5720-1300
田舎家 西店 INAKAYA WEST (Sake Bar)
六本木4-10-11   +81 3-5775-1012
Kani Douraku (かに道楽 新宿本店) (Seafood Restaurant)
新宿3-14-20   +81 3-3352-0096
ABC Cooking Studio 北千住マルイスタジオ (Cooking School)
千住3-92   +81 3-5284-2431
Ningyocho Imahan (人形町今半) (Sukiyaki Restaurant)
千駄ヶ谷5-24-2   +81 3-5361-1871
鉄板二百℃ 西新宿店 (Steakhouse)
西新宿7-10-18   +81 3-5337-1305
もつ焼き 煮込み 三六 赤坂店 (Sake Bar)
赤坂3-12-1   +81 50-5798-0227
Nihonbashi Suminoe (日本橋 墨之栄) (Japanese Restaurant)
日本橋室町2-2-1   +81 3-3548-9917
ABC Cooking Studio 大宮タカシマヤスタジオ (Cooking School)
大宮区大門町1-32   +81 48-658-5661
Chikuyotei (竹葉亭 銀座店) (Unagi Restaurant)
銀座5-8-3   +81 3-3571-0677
Ginza Tenkuni (銀座 天國 本店) (Tempura Restaurant)
銀座8-9-11   +81 3-3571-1092

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