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Tokyo is a popular location for students to study abroad, and it’s no wonder considering the amount of culture the city is imbued with. You don’t need to be enrolled in an accredited university to experience Tokyo on a deeper, more intimate level. Although the city is becoming easier to navigate without knowning Japanese, why not take a basic Japanese class before or during your stay in Tokyo to enhance the experience? If you’re not dedicated to learning the basics of Japanese, then try learning the katakana script. For native English speakers, teaching English in Tokyo is the easiest way to work in the city. In turn, you’ll become more familiar with Japanese language, customs and cultures.

Food is a great way to come to understand the culture and history of a new destination. But instead of just eating it, why don’t you learn how to prepare it too? For the culinary-minded traveler, weekend sushi-rolling classes are available at the Tokyo Sushi Academy.

Popular places for Experiential Travel in Tokyo

EDOYA (Restaurant)
麻布十番2-12-8   +81 3-3452-2922
Niku no Mansei (肉の万世 秋葉原本店) (Steakhouse)
神田須田町2-21   +81 3-3251-0291
Kani Douraku (かに道楽 新宿本店) (Seafood Restaurant)
新宿3-14-20   +81 3-3352-0096
BiO cafe (Café)
宇田川町16-14   +81 3-5428-3322
ラ・ブティック (Café)
猿楽町28-13   +81 3-5457-2407
鉄板焼acalli (Steakhouse)
南麻布2-6-17 2F   +81 3-5445-2800

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