If you want the thrill of the hunt without all the unpleasantness of guns and dead animals, then perhaps bird-watching is for you. This popular pastime for non-aggressive nature lovers has attracted millions of Americans in recent years. Birders can range from the passionate devotee, armed with knowledge of the molt, migration and habitat of rare and common birds alike, to the casual birdwatcher who finds enjoyment in a walk through the local reserve.

Wherever you fall on the scale of dedication, you can grab a pair of binoculars, a notebook and field guide to birds and pursue your passion just about anywhere. Of course, there are some exceptional spots for birding including Costa Rica and the Galapagos, and some birders travel the world in pursuit of rare species. But it’s also popular to enjoy the flap of wings and songs of birds right in your own backyard. And bird watching is the perfect for families with children.  

Articles About Bird Watching

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