Cooking Classes

Destinations: Bangkok, Tuscany, New Orleans, Napa County, Paris
Themes: Culinary, Experiential Travel


You’ve heard of a gourmet vacation—go somewhere; eat amazingly good food.  Now there’s a twist on this classic idea. Go somewhere; learn to cook amazingly good food. Vacationing and cooking classes go together like tomatoes and basil, like wine and cheese. Not to mention, the benefits extend way beyond the length of the vacation.

So where’s popular? The culinary classics, Italy and France, of course. But budding gourmets can follow their taste buds to nearly any corner of the globe. Those who love gumbo can head to New Orleans. Wine lovers should consider Napa. And those looking for a more exotic choice could shop for spices in the bustling bazaars of Marrakesh, head across the Straits of Gibraltar to Spain, or hunt for chilies among the market stalls in Mexico or Costa Rica. Anywhere there’s food, there’s an option to learn how to cook it. Your family will thank you.

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