People have been fishing for 10,000 years. Though most people no longer need to fish for their supper, sport fishing remains a popular pastime. For some it’s relaxing, for some it’s a serious sport, and for many it’s an excuse to enjoy a day out on the water.

To go deep sea fishing you need a boat and a license. A complex web of laws govern how many fish you can take and when, so check before you book a trip. Also, avoid taking fish from threatened fisheries. Fish too much now and the future of the sport is in jeopardy.

Deep sea fisherman target many kids of fish from the relatively small Halibut and Sea Bass, to the mighty Marlin. Exceptional catches weigh in at 1,000 pounds and are the true deep sea equivalent of big game.  Where and when to go depends on what you want to catch, but popular deep-sea fishing destinations include spots off the coasts of Florida, California and Hawaii, the east coast of Australia, and many places in the Caribbean, Mexico and California.

Articles About Deep-sea Fishing

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