Disc Golf

Destinations: Santa Cruz, Portland, Atlanta, Charlotte, Berkeley

Themes: Outdoor Adventures, Urban Endeavors

Disc golf uses golfing rules with a disc-throwing game where discs are thrown towards a chain-linked basket or some other target. The nine or 18-hole courses are most often located at public parks and are usually free. Disc golf utilizes the natural elements and obstacles to add challenge to a course, whereas traditional golf requires designated, groomed areas devoid of trees that might hinder a ball. The discs used are different from the popular Frisbee; they are smaller in diameter, a bit heavier and differ depending on their use, just as different clubs are used in ball golf.

The University of California Berkeley laid the first disc golf course in 1970. Today there are more than 2,500 courses in the United States and around the world, and the Professional Disc Golf Association reports having more than 30,000 members. Check out the Web site’s course directory to find a disc golf course near you. Some of the best courses are in Santa Cruz, Portland, Atlanta and Charlotte.