It’s easy to become uninspired looking at your own familiar kitchen and serving up the kids’ four favorite dishes week after week. Traveling to new destinations is the perfect opportunity to revel in fine cuisine, and remember the joy of food, without the stress of preparation.

Each cook adds his own touch to each dish, and every town and city in the world has its own assortment of chefs, which means the culinary possibilities are endless and constantly evolving. Destinations around the world boast their own traditional cuisine, as well as a selection of foreign flavors. Whether you’re craving a candle-lit, four-course dinner or a simple but satisfying sandwich, you can probably find a range of dining options from exquisite restaurants to flavorful, quick and inexpensive street food in nearly any city you choose to visit. From West African FuFu to Vietnamese Pho, the world is your dinner plate.

For those with special dietary needs, it may be harder to find satisfying food options, although vegetarianism, for instance, is becoming more common and catered to. It’s a good idea to research the standard regional dishes of an area before you travel.

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