Fresh water or salt. Net, rod or harpoon. Whatever your preferred method or location, the goal is the same: catch fish. Fishing was once a way to get dinner, but now it’s largely a way to enjoy nature, bond with friends or family and prove who can land the elusive big one that always seems to get away. Dinner is just an added bonus.

Fishermen run the gamut from the casual weekend angler to the obsessed sportsman, and their quarry varies from the mighty marlin to the more moderately-sized lake trout. Where to go depends on where you fall on this spectrum. The Courantyne River in Suriname was once home to a 396-pound catfish. If you’re looking for sheer size, head there. If you’d like to stick to this hemisphere Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico; Baja California; Venice, Louisiana; Mille Lacs, Minnesota; Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica;  and the Columbia River in the Northwest all offer impressive fishing.

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