Before there was the great American road trip, there were cycling tours. But even long before the first wheel and chain were joined together, people traveled and explored their world. How? On horseback. Still today, one of the best ways to see hard to reach places is from the saddle.  Horseback riding vacations are also ideal for families, as all ages can enjoy riding.

Rides range from strenuous camping tours through rustic landscapes, to gentle rambles through wine country. Serious equestrians can travel to train with expert riders at clinics across the world. Those looking for a more leisurely pace will find plenty of vacations to choose from.  Before selecting a destination or tour, carefully consider your riding ability, how long you would like to spend in the saddle each day and whether you feel more comfortable in English or Western tack.

Options include trekking through the Greek Island of Kefalonia, participating in a cattle drive in Australia, absorbing stunning scenery in Canada’s Banff national Park, or exploring the unpopulated back-country of Argentina.  For those looking for something more family friendly, a variety of ranches sprinkled across the western states are sure to be a hit with the little cowgirls and boys.

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