River rafting takes place on inflatable rubber or vinyl rafts that typically hold four to twelve people. The crafts are propelled and steered with oars by the raft’s passengers. Rafting experiences vary according to the class, or difficulty, of whitewater being navigated: Class 1 is the easiest type of river rapid; Class 2 and 3 rapids offer more excitement without excessive danger; while Class 4 and 5 rivers should be left to the fit, experienced, and sometimes, reckless.

Rafting has become safer over the years as expertise has increased and equipment has improved. One of the most famous places to whitewater raft is on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, although states like West Virginia, Idaho, and Colorado also offer amazing rapids and scenic vistas. For the more experienced and adventurous, destinations like the Futaleufu River in Chile or the Yangtze in China will indubitably leave even the most steely-nerved thrill-seekers satisfied.

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