For some people it’s chocolate. Some booze or caffeine. Others gambling. But if your addiction is shopping, there are plenty of cities around the world to go on a spree.

Of course the shopping’s great in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris, but for those looking to get off the beaten path, consider Buenos Aires or the tiny French-owned island of St. Barthélemy. It offers duty free shopping at over 200 high-end boutiques. Copenhagen caters to those looking for sleek, modern furniture and clothing.

Shopping in Asia used to be synonymous with picking up cheap electronics, but these days sleek, modern malls in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok offer some of the world’s best shopping. Not interested in modern? If you’re looking for a more traditional atmosphere, there’s only one place to go—Marrakech. Rummaging through the souks is hard work (as is bargaining for your finds) but there’s no greater satisfaction than unearthing an exquisite something while wandering the cobblestone streets.

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