If your family has been hitting the beach for so long that the word “vacation” always makes you think of waves and sand, maybe it’s time for something totally different.

Snowshoes, or “webs,” have been used for thousands of years by to get around in deep snow, without sinking in every step. Traditionally, snowshoes were made of wood, although modern synthetic designs have improved the key concept of weight distribution.

You don’t have to be a fur trader to know that snowshoeing allows you to explore nature in the wintertime. Hiking and exercise enthusiasts often turn to snowshoeing in the winter, although almost anyone will enjoy the pristine and magical quality of a snow-covered landscape. Good snowshoeing in North America can be found from Vermont to Alaska and everywhere in between. Oregon, Colorado and Montana are favorites for their breathtaking scenery and abundant snow. Abroad, France, Switzerland and Russia offer wonderful snowshoeing destinations.

Articles About Snowshoeing

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