There are two major types of surfing: longboarding and shortboarding. Longboards are the classic surfboard and are better for beginners, since they can be used on smaller waves. Shortboards are more maneuverable, but require larger waves. Shortboarding has spawned similar sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Surfing was first described by explorer Captain Cook’s successor, James King. King explained how Hawaiian natives paddled oval planks out in front of incoming waves, and at the “biggest swell,” stood up. Surfing hasn’t changed all that much since King’s account.

Nowadays, surfers continue the Hawaiian tradition on all the islands (especially Oahu) but also all around the world. California has some of the country’s best surfing, and Florida also offers some primo breaks at places like Sebastian Inlet and Cocoa Beach. Internationally, the coasts of Portugal, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and Peru are among some of the best surf destinations.

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