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Tennis anyone? To play, you need racquets, a net, a ball and a court. But it’s even better if you have pro coaches, a posh clubhouse and a luxurious resort in which to eat and sleep after your game, set, match. Resorts in Ponte Verde Beach, Fla., Carmel, Calif., as well as The Cloister in Sea Island, Ga., offer not only world-class tennis and fabulous amenities but also access to miles of beautiful beaches. In Colorado Springs, serious tennis fans can sample from more than 30 clinics a week taught by tennis pros including a hall-of-famer (and even a hot air balloon for the use of guests). And finally a resort in Stowe, Vermont customizes clinics for families who want to mix a little tennis into their skiing holiday.

Of course, these are only an a few examples of the many excellent resorts for the traveling tennis enthusiast. Fans of the game (or a particular player) may want to follow their favorite star to Wimbledon, New York, Sydney or Paris for a major tournament. Or for the less dedicated fan, tennis can just be an excellent activity to stir into the family vacation mix.

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