Planning Tips for Park Visits

Make sure your kids have fun but stay safe during your amusement and water park adventures.

A visit to an amusement, theme or water park is not a hard sell to kids. Tell them you’re all going to Walt Disney World, and it’s unlikely you’ll see tears of sorrow or foot stomping fits.

Americans love their amusement parks. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), there are 400 parks in the United States (1.5 billion rides). In 2006, 335 million people visited amusement parks, says IAAP, and 50 percent of us will hit a park this year.

The key to a successful and fun visit lies in the planning. Here are some tips for keeping your park visits a fun-filled success.

Amusement Park Dos and Don’ts

Special Tips for Water Parks

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Great tips Remember also to have enough cash to FUND spontaneous adventures: Park passes get you in, but sidewalk vendors like caricaturists and professional photographers come with their own sets of fees. Also look into package deals or park rewards systems that come with perks like admission before the park opens to the general public.