TravelMuse Tips and Picks for Buenos Aires

Add to your Buenos Aires list of musts with these recommendations for wine, dine, arts and entertainment favorites.

The city of Buenos Aires has so much to offer that it’s hard to get all of the information we’d like to share into a single issue, so I’ve compiled a brief run-down of some of my favorite stops made during my April visit to B.A.

Wine and Dine

Feast upon the most succulent chorizo sausage you’ll ever taste at El Obrero, in La Boca, one of B.A.’s poorest yet most colorful neighborhoods. An old-school, classic parilla, with excellent steaks and wine list too. Lunch for two, including two appetizers, two steaks, half bottle of wine: US$30-40.

Brunch at El Mercado inside the Philippe Starck-designed Faena Hotel + Universe, in the city’s modern Puerto Madero. Upscale prix fixe buffet, A$75/US$25, for a plethora of savory selections—including a raw bar, quiche, ceviche, cold meats, cheese, vegetables and more, plus wine, coffee and an extensive dessert table.

Dinner at La Vineria de Gaulterio Bolivar, located at Bolivar 865 in San Telmo. Open less than a year, this place is a must-go for anyone interested in multi-course tasting meals that mash up traditional fair with contemporary flair. Try the liquid ravioli made with goat cheese and a basalmic vinegar reduction, or the two-temperature pea soup: a bowl of chilled pea soup with hot soup added at the table, so when eaten right away, you get a hot-cold sensation in your mouth, along with fantastic flavor. A 13-course dinner for four, including four bottles of wine costs A$480/US$150.

Located behind an unmarked door on Tacuarí street in San Telmo, Club 647 aims to please young, successful professionals accustomed to nightlife in New York. Black and red interior, several floor-to-ceiling mirrors and beds, for literal lounging. A$24/US$8 for specialty cocktails.

Of all the older, traditional Argentine bars, try El Hipopótamo at Defensa and Brazil. Great local atmosphere and big steak sandwiches to die for. Even though some people grumble about Buenos Aires pizza having too much of everything and being a mess to eat, there were no complaints from me as I devoured my personal pie, covered with pepperoni and gooey with fresh mozzarella that dripped off the sides.

Art & Entertainment

It’s in all the guidebooks and articles written about Buenos Aires, and there’s a reason why: The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenas Aires (Malba) is fantastic, both in terms of its architecture and exhibits.

See the Boca Juniors in action during a fulból game at La Bombonera! I haven’t experienced any sporting event quite like it. The old, decrepit stadium is jam packed with 55,000 fanatic soccer fans who sing and chant and rock the rafters so much so that you feel as if the place will crumble to the ground at any minute. They throw confetti, paper and who knows what else onto the field at the beginning of the game—and the stuff stays there(!), with the players sometimes having to jump over it or kick the debris out of the way. There also are fireworks shot from one side of the stadium into the field. A LOT of fireworks. The smoke is so dense you can barely see the field at times.

Because the place has a reputation for fights and thefts, I recommend going with an organized group, who will provide expedited ticketing and an escort through the crowds to your reserved seats. We paid about $75 each, making our reservations through the South American Explorer’s Club, an excellent resource that occasionally offers these types of organized events. Spending the time and money is totally worth it. It’s crazy, fun and exciting. Go Boca!

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