Cruising to Mexico

Mexican cruises offer families warm temperatures, native art and culture, and plenty of adventure.

Cruises to Mexico don’t have to be like The Love Boat. Plenty of choices are available for the entire family to take a voyage south of the border. Cruise lines sail out of San Diego and Los Angeles for the west coast of Mexico throughout the year. Expect to pay between $150 and $300 per day, per person for three- to nine-day itineraries, with significant discounts for third and fourth individuals traveling in the same stateroom.

Best Cruise Itineraries for Families

Don’t-Miss Ports

Family-Pleasing Excursions

Cruise lines coordinate with local vendors to provide excursions that will conveniently shuttle guests to and from the ship to activities near its ports of call. Many cruise lines contract with the same vendors and end up offering similar excursions. The notable exception is Disney, which has several creative options designed just for their guests.

All excursions should be booked in advance (popular activities are sold out weeks before the ship even sails) and range wildly in price (from $20 to $400 per person). Following are a few of the best options for families traveling through western Mexico with children. (Unless otherwise specified, prices shown are per person for adults; children’s excursion rates are usually 25 to 50 percent less; note that Disney charges “adult” prices for kids 10 and older.)

For children 8 and younger:

For children 9 and older:

For teenagers only:

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