How to Make the Most of Mother-Daughter Getaways

With Mother’s Day approaching, rekindle your mother-daughter bond with these getaway tips and selected packages.

For some of us, the thought of spending 48-plus uninterrupted hours with our mother or daughter strikes us with fear. However, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to strengthen that special link you share with your mother or daughter and embark on a journey dedicated to enhancing your relationship.

With a positive outlook and some careful planning, these trips can be remembered years to come for the laughs and good times you shared, rather than the screaming matches. In fact, they even present the opportunity to shed previously existing boundaries and, in turn, allow each woman to gain enhanced fulfillment from the relationship.

As Roni Cohen-Sandler, clinical psychologist and the author of Trust Me Mom—Everyone Else is Going explains, “When traveling, there is a natural easing of authority lines and greater equality among the generations, which allows women to explore new and usually more desirable facets of each other.”

Getaway Guide

Below are our ground rules for charting new territory with the very person who can be both your biggest fan and critic. Just remember to bring sunscreen, a camera and a smile, and be prepared to take your relationship to new dimensions.

Special Packages 

Following are some resorts with mother-daughter getaway packages, good for Mother’s Day or throughout the year.

Destinations: Tucson, Orange County, Austin

Themes: Family Travel, Spas

Activities: Cooking Classes, Horseback Riding, Spas

User Comments

Forwarding to Mom I'm emailing this article to my mom...could have used the tips during our recent trip to Thailand!

wow I'm so excited about the trip planning feature; I just added this article for ideas of things to do for mother's day :)

Kripalu My mother and I went to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and it was one of the best weekends of my life. We left our weekend trip feeling rejuvenated and closer than we had in a long time.

Mother-Daughter Vacation I just spent a fabulous week in the Caribbean with my away-at-college daughter. We spent some time apart, but had an amazing time together whether in activity or lounging on the beach. Just Fabulous!!!