Lake Tahoe’s Alternative Adventure Rush

From dog-sledding to kite-boarding to the new Heavenly Flyer, there are adrenaline rush experiences in Tahoe to sate any adventure lover.


Lake Tahoe is arguably best known for its skiing, but the area also boasts a tremendous variety of outdoor sports, especially for those seeking adventure and the unusual. Here’s a look at some adrenaline-rush highlights.

Dog Sledding

The Husky Express

Get ready for a fast and wild ride! This hour-long sled ride takes you through beautiful Hope Valley, located half an hour south of Lake Tahoe off Hwy 88.  Owner Dotty Dennis has been in this business for 30 years; she and her happy Huskies love to mush. Each sled can hold up to 375 lbs. Costs for adults and kids over 60 lbs., $100; kids under 60 lbs., $50.00; $185.00 minimum. Reservation only. A box trail lunch is also available for $10—this activity will surely stir up your appetite. For more information, call 775-782-3047.

Running Creek Dog Sleds

Two teams of awesome Sibrerian Huskies will get you cruising through the snow. This family-run operation takes guests on 35-minute tours through the picturesque meadow at Kirkwood Mountain Resort. Moonlight rides, backcountry tours, and even mushing lessons are available. Regular sled rides cost $85 for adults, $45 for kids under 60 lbs. Kids under 2 ride free. Tel. 775-266-4720;

Sierra Sled Dog Adventures

Kick back in a comfy dog sled while a musher guides a Husky team through the pristine forests and meadows of the Sierra Nevadas. My daughter Lauren just loves how cuddly yet strong the dogs are! Zip through the Tahoe National Forest under cerulean blue skies. Or, better yet, take the full-moon tour at night. You can score a package deal from anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours, and you can cover nearly 20 miles of kick-butt terrain. $60-$240. Tel. 530-412-3302.

Ski the Night Away

Of all the Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts, I think Boreal Ridge Ski Area has something special going on. The family-friendly Boreal Ridge Ski Area is one of the smallest resorts at Lake Tahoe, but it’s still special. Boreal is relaxing, comfortable, and has friendly and helpful staff. Apart from a friendly staff, Boreal has a 600-foot super park and great food. It’s also cheap—adults tickets during non-peak season run just $44.

The best part of Boreal is its high intensity night skiing, with tickets that cost just $25. You can tune into your i-pod nano and ski until your legs give out, all around the mountain, all through the night.

This mountain is friendly towards beginners and intermediates and has more than eight different terrain parks. For accommodations, Boreal Inn is located just 1/4 mile from the resort, and can fit one to four people in each room. Children under 4 stay free. Tel. 530-426-3666;


The first time I tried this, I found that kite-boarding is just like  wakeboarding but with the use of a kite to add maneuverability and control. You can effortlessly jump 30 feet in the air or catch hundreds of waves in a blown-out day. The kite acts as a lifting force as well as a pulling force, which gives you a lighter sensation and allows you to launch huge aerial maneuvers never associated with any kind of other water sport. It can be simple enough for beginners to learn the sport with the right instruction, yet extreme enough to make even the most hardened athlete skip a heartbeat or two!

Whether you’re a wake-style charger or a freestyle guru, call 1-888-FLY-LTKB for details and all the latest gear. Kite-boarding lessons run about $75 an hour.

Whitewater Rafting on the Truckee River

There’s a great river rafting company called Tributary White Water Tours. Its white water rafting trip is close to Lake Tahe and Reno. It is a fun and exciting, 7-mile guided white water adventure, with many Class 2-3 rapids for the first six miles and exciting Class 3+ rapids in the last mile. This section of the Truckee River should not be confused with the self-guided float out of Tahoe City. The duration of this rafting trip is about 3.5 hours.

Each raft is lead by a professional river guide who calls out commands and helps steer. Early in the rafting trip, you will practice your maneuvering and paddling skills. The Truckee River—west of Reno—passes through the High Sierra desert, with cottonwoods lining the banks. At the take-out point, the equipment will be loaded while refreshments are served and you’ll return to your meeting location in Truckee.

Kids from 7 and older are welcome. For children under 7, the Class 2 runs on the Lower Middle American, or the East Carson, are recommended. Seniors are welcome. Still, some participants may wish to walk around the last section of Class 3+ rapids.

Tour participants meet at the Granite Chief store near the town of Truckee, about 22 minutes from Kings Beach, 35 minutes from Reno and about 75 minutes from South Lake Tahoe. During the peak season, two trips a day are scheduled, at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. In early June and after Labor Day weekend, there is usually just one trip, at 12:30 p.m. Custom group trips are available, and transportation from the Reno and Lake Tahoe areas can be arranged. Adult costs: Mon-Fri $69, Sun $74, Sat $79. Youth costs: 17 and under get a 10 percent discount (15 percent off with 6 or more people in a group). Tel. 800-672-3846;

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Lake Tahoe is as well known for its summer activities, as it is for its world class skiing in the wintertime. Lake Tahoe offers a wide variety of water sports and recreational opportunities for those who prefer getting wet and soaking up the sun. With gorgeous mountain back drops, crystal clear water and sandy beaches, Lake Tahoe is the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors in the summer time. i like dog sledding. Sledding is a fun alternative to Lake Tahoe skiing & snowboarding.

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