Renew Your Wedding Vows on Vacation

Recommit to your honey on a romantic getaway, where you can say “I do!” all over again.

Whether you’re traveling with your spouse or celebrating a wedding anniversary, what better way to make the trip more memorable than to formally renew your wedding vows while on vacation? Reasons why couples renew their wedding vows include:

Where to Find Renewal Vow Packages

Not all resorts or cruise ships advertise special nuptial renewal ceremony opportunities, but most offer this type of experience if you contact the on-site concierge, wedding planner or event planning manager. In fact, many resorts and cruise ships will handle all aspects of the planning for you.

“Often, when a couple visits The Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui, Hawaii, to celebrate an anniversary, it’s the husband who secretly orders our wedding nuptial renewal package and plans the ceremony as a surprise for his wife,” says Polly Xiong, a wedding planner at the romantic getaway resort.

“We offer a complete package that includes a romantic sunset ocean view backdrop. One of our wedding planners works with each couple and arranges all of the personalized details, including an officiant, flowers, cake, champagne, Hawaiian flower leis (which are exchanged as part of the ceremony) and a photographer,” Xiong says. “We can work with the couple together, or just the husband or wife if they’re planning a surprise.”

The Fairmont package starts at $1,800, but on average, renewal nuptial costs can range from $300 to $1,500, depending on how extravagant the ceremony is and what extras are required—flowers, champagne, wedding bands, gown/tuxedo rentals, photographer, caterer, etc. Fees are on top of regular accommodation costs.

Choosing the Right Time and the Right Destination

While some couples opt to return to their honeymoon spot, others choose a new romantic travel destination to renew their wedding vows. During the ceremony, couples can exchange anniversary bands, or have the officiant bless their existing wedding bands. Couples can customize their vows, or follow a ceremony created by the officiant.

For couples who decide to spontaneously renew their vows, any property or cruise ship with a wedding planner or concierge can pull something together with 24 hours or less notice, though most prefer at least a week’s lead time.

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo., hosts couples looking to renew their vows and has a full bridal store and florist on the property, as well as an experienced team of planners who can fully customize a ceremony making it as intimate or as large and extravagant as the couple desires.

“We ask for at least a week’s notice to plan a customized ceremony, but often handle last-minute requests. The Broadmoor has new cottages which are the perfect setting for a couple with a family looking to renew their vows,” says Lindsey Wildman, catering manager at The Broadmoor. “Some couples invite their parents or their own children to their ceremony, but the groups are typically kept very small for this type of event.”

According to Wildman, many couples have a private ceremony and then enjoy a romantic dinner within the Penrose Room, one of the top rated restaurants in Colorado. “The restaurant offers live entertainment and dancing. From our bridal store, we can provide a wedding gown and tuxedo, if a couple’s decision to renew their vows is a last-minute one,” adds Wildman.

Tips for Pre-Planning Wedding Vow Renewals

Work with an experienced wedding planner to coordinate all aspects of the ceremony and celebration. If you’re hoping to have a ceremony on a public beach and have a photographer present, the wedding planner can handle all of the necessary permits and paperwork, plus plan all of the scheduling on your behalf.

If you have kids, consider involving them in the ceremony. Not only does this provide a wonderful family bonding experience, it also helps fortify strong family values. Lots of invited guests, bridesmaids and a best man are not typically part of a vow renewal ceremony.

Relive moments from the original wedding by re-creating the bride’s flower arrangement, recreating the first dance to the same song, and/or by taking a photo that replicates an original toast or first kiss from the original ceremony.


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