Traveling Solo With Kids

Single parent travelers can plan memorable family vacations with activities that encourage quality time with the kids.

Solo parents face daily challenges as they juggle a full-time career and double-duty parenting. Single-parent travel is an even greater challenge, as the needs of these families are different from families traveling with both parents.

When planning a single-parent holiday with your family, choose a destination and itinerary that offer appropriate accommodations—such as hotels that offer vacation packages—and a wide range of activities that will foster quality time with your kids. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to visit destinations and participate in activities that are different from your day-to-day life, and are a sure way to promote bonding.

No matter where you ultimately choose to vacation, seek out mother/daughter or father/son activities, for example, that allow you to share common interests and learn new skills together. Engage in active recreation and activities that require communication (as opposed to passive activities, such as going to the movies). Some single parents prefer to avoid the convenient hotel or resort kids programs that offers supervised kid-friendly, camp-like activities, yet others mix that option with activities that allow them to bond with their children on vacation.

Plan an activity-rich vacation and remove your kids from their familiar environment. Even consider involving them with trip planning and choosing the itinerary before you go. You’ll probably find they’re extremely open and willing to engage in activities they’ve selected. And while it’s important to maintain your role as the parent while on vacation, it’s also OK to take on the role of best friend.

Parent and Child Bonding Activities 

Choosing the perfect interactive vacation activities might take a bit of creativity and experimentation. The following are a few ideas you might incorporate into your next itinerary:

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