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Top tips on camera safety and how to take better vacation photos from our photo editors.


Taking photos is a major part of traveling for people of all ages. From amateurs to professionals, people use the camera as a way to document memories and capture the beauty and wonder of travel. For some travelers, it would be a cardinal sin to not bring a camera along for a trip. That’s why we created the TravelMuse Photo Blog, written by our photo editors Calista Chandler and Ashleigh Nushawg, with tips ranging from how take better vacation shots to keeping your camera safe while on the road.

Here’s a roundup of some of our more popular posts.

5 Tips for Photographing Fall Foliage

Autumn is one of the best season for photography thanks to the rich reds, oranges and yellows of the flora around us. Here are some tips for making the best of your fall photos:

• Shoot during the early morning or late afternoon.
• Use lens accessories to add some drama.

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How to Use Your On-Camera Flash

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a separate flash. Follow these simple rules to make the most of your on-camera one:

• Use the red-eye reduction
• Keep your flash off in low light.

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Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is exciting and is becoming more accessible to everyone as new, better and more affordable technologies continue to emerge. If you’re thinking of heading to a coastal destination anytime soon, you may want to consider these seven pointers:

• Make use of underwater cases for your digital camera.
• Use a macro or wide-angle lens. Both will allow you to focus at close distances.

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5 Tips for Camera Safety While Traveling

Unfortunately, cameras are a hot commodity for thieves in many popular vacation destinations. Follow these tips to help keep your camera with you—where it belongs:

• Carry your camera in a bag that has concealed zipper pockets.
• Avoid carrying your camera in a brand-name camera bag.

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