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Deb Vanasse has lived in Alaska since 1979. She has traveled extensively throughout the state and around the world, including remote areas of Southwestern Alaska, where she lived and worked for eight years. Her two children were born in the bush, where riverboat, snow machine and small plane are the only ways to get from one village to another. Eventually she moved to Fairbanks and then to Anchorage, where she enjoys hiking, biking and camping.

Deb is the author of several books set in Alaska, including A Distant Enemy (2004, Alaska Print Brokers), Out of the Wilderness (1999, Clarion Books), Under Alaska’s Midmight Sun (2005, Sasquatch Books/Paws IV Children’s Books), Alaska’s Animal Babies (2005, Sasquatch Books/Paws IV Children’s Books) and Totem Tale (2006, Sasquatch Books/Paws IV Children’s Books). She is also the author of the Insider’s Guide to Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska (2007, Insiders’ Guide) and co-author of Off the Beaten Path: Alaska, Sixth Edition (2008, Globe Pequot). 

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