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Facts About Zürich, Switzerland

Regional Population: 341,730

Elevation: 408 meters

Time Zone: Europe/Zurich

Local Currency: CHF

Latitude: 47.3666667

Longitude: 8.55

Nearby Airports: ZRH

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, is located at the northwestern end of Lake Zurich at the mouth of the Limmat River, which divides the city in two. The modern heart of Zurich, including the train station and most churches, is on the west side of the river, while the hillier east is home to the little alleys of Old Town and the hip drinking spots of Niederdorfstrasse.

Contrary to popular belief, Zurich is not the capital of Switzerland (which is Bern), just its largest city. Zurich has long been known as a clean, efficient city, but it is also a truly fascinating and worthwhile travel destination. Zurich boasts an increasingly cosmopolitan population, though the more buttoned-down Geneva remains Switzerland's most culturally heterogeneous city.

The iconic symbol of Zurich is St. Peter Church, which has the largest clock face in Europe. A great place to relax around town is Lake Promenade, with a long lakeside boardwalk and a meadow where you can find thousands of people on a sunny day. You can get free bikes, skates or other fun transport at several stops throughout town, though be sure to watch out for buses and trams. Zurich also has several nearby ski areas that are easily accessible by train.

Of course, Zurich is as good a place as any to procure rich Swiss chocolate, precise Swiss clocks and watches and real Swiss army knives. You can always get some banking done here, too.

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