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Facts About Colombia

Regional Population: 42,954,279

Local Currency: COP

Latitude: 4.5708680

Longitude: -74.2973330

From the bustling city life of Medellín to the quaint surroundings of towns like Cartagena, Colombia, a country in South America is home to a diverse range of neighborhoods. Skyscrapers line the streets of the country’s capital, Bogotá, where tourists can explore historical churches and museums of the La Candelaria area or spend an afternoon enjoying the sun at one of Botogá’s many parks. Colombia is also home to several national parks including Parque Nacional Tayrona.

Scuba diving, hiking and rafting are among the popular outdoor adventures for locals and first-time visitors exploring the lush environment of nearby cities such as San Gill and Providencia.

For some cultural flavor and Spanish music, Colombia hosts several annual festivals including Cali Fair, Barranquilla’s Carnival, Botoga Summer Festival and Iberoamerican Theater Festival, celebrating the country’s history and traditional dances. 

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