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Facts About Egypt

Regional Population: 77,505,756

Local Currency: EGP

Latitude: 26.8205530

Longitude: 30.8024980

Egypt is in northeastern Africa. Its capital is located in its largest city, Cairo. Egypt is bordered by Israel to the northeast, by Jordan and Saudi Arabia to the east (across the Red Sea), by Sudan to the south and by Libya to the west. The country is bounded by the Mediterranean and Red Seas (to the north and east respectively), and is geographically dominated both by the Nile River with its fertile, well-watered valley, and by the Eastern and Western deserts.

Egypt (together with its southern neighbor Sudan) is perhaps best known as the home of the ancient Egyptian civilization, with its temples, hieroglyphs, mummies, and—visible above all—its pyramids. Less well-known is Egypt's medieval heritage, courtesy of Coptic Christianity and Islam. Ancient churches, monasteries and mosques punctuate the Egyptian landscape. Egypt excites the imagination of western tourists like few other countries and is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Tourist hotspots include Cairo, the Giza pyramid complex and the Great Sphinx, the Red Sea Coast and the Valley of the Kings.

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