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Facts About Guatemala

Regional Population: 14,655,189

Local Currency: GTQ

Latitude: 15.7834710

Longitude: -90.2307590

Located at the northernmost part of Central America, Guatemala shares its borders with Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. This country of more than twelve million people has a rich and distinctive culture thanks to the mix of both Spanish and Mayan influence. Like other Latin American country, there are many Mayan ruins scattered throughout the country, including Tikal, which is possibly the largest of all the Mayan ruined cities.

Popular tourist destinations in Guatemala include Guatemala City, the country’s capital; La Antigua Guatemala, the Spanish colonial capital city; Lake Atitlán, a beautiful lake surrounded by several volcanoes; and Chichicastenango, a highland Mayan town known for its traditional market. Don’t forget to journey into some of Guatemala’s greener areas to appreciate the country’s biodiversity and unique ecosystems.

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