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Facts About Iceland

Regional Population: 296,737

Local Currency: ISK

Latitude: 64.9630510

Longitude: -19.0208350

Iceland lies in the North Atlantic Ocean between Europe and North America and comprises the mountainous island of Iceland and its outlying islets. In a sense, it is a well-named territory, as over eleven percent of the country is covered by glaciers. However, Iceland also boasts a surprisingly mild climate in the summer and numerous geothermal hot-spots.

Iceland’s capital and largest city is Reykjavík, which is home to the best nightlife in the country. Most visitors don’t stray far from the capital, which is a shame, as some of the most memorable sights are further afield. Iceland is a stunningly beautiful place of strange, surreal landscapes. Lava fields, lava tubes, plains of fractured rock, waterfalls, ice, fire and steam abound.

Many excursions are offered by tour companies and are readily available from any of the main centers, such as Reykjavík and Akureyri. They will fly you around and take you on to the glaciers and the large volcanoes for a reasonable price. However, the cheapest option is to drive around with a rented car, as none of these natural sites have entry fees.

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