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Facts About Cayman Islands

Regional Population: 44,270

Time Zone: American/Cayman

Local Currency: KYD

Latitude: 19.5134690

Longitude: -80.5669560

Nestled in the western Caribbean, south of Cuba and west of Jamaica, lie the Cayman Islands. The coral-reef trio of islands is known for two things: serene, magnificent beaches and some of the best diving in the world. The islands were formed after coral encrusted the peaks of an ancient subterranean mountain range; the result is a diving jewel prized for its deep waters and unparalleled wall diving.

The British colony comprises Grand Cayman, the largest, and most popular of the three islands, Cayman Brac (the middle child) and Little Cayman. While Grand Cayman is more well-known as a beach resort destination and an offshore banking center, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer uncrowded retreats, renowned wall scuba diving (especially famous for Bloody Bay) and shipwreck diving. Cayman Brac features a giant limestone bluff for some world-class climbing.

The Cayman Islands have borne the brunt of many Caribbean hurricanes. While Hurricane Ivan devastated Grand Cayman in 2004, the island quickly picked itself back up, and rebuilt and retrofitted extensively. 

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Articles About Cayman Islands

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Fish Paparazzi on Grand Cayman

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Surf the Waves at Black Pearl Skate and Surf

Hang ten on Grand Cayman’s man-made waves or skate to your heart’s content on your family island vacation.

Kick Back on Little Cayman

Marvel at the coral-wall diving, learn about booby birds and relax with locals during your beach vacation on quiet Little Cayman.

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