New Zealand

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Facts About New Zealand

Regional Population: 4,035,461

Time Zone: Wellington

Local Currency: NZD

Latitude: -40.9005570

Longitude: 174.8859710

New Zealand is a temperate to sub-tropical island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. It consists of the two main North and South islands and a number of smaller ones, most notably Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands.

A former British colony, the majority of the population is of European descent, with a sizeable indigenous Maori minority and smaller minorities of various Polynesian and other groups. A modern but sparsely populated country; New Zealand boasts natural beauty and a wide range of outdoor and adventure activities.

North Island is warm, with scenery ranging from sandy beaches, rolling farmland and forests to active volcanic peaks. South Island is home to spectacular mountains and fjords, large beech forests and beautiful beaches. Stewart Island is heavily forested, a wilderness paradise with wonderful bird-watching. It is home to Mason Bay, possibly the best place in the world to see the remarkable flightless kiwi in the wild. The Chatham Islands are remote volcanic islands with a unique and sensitive habitat that supports many rare and endangered species.

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