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Facts About Sweden

Regional Population: 9,001,774

Local Currency: SEK

Latitude: 60.1281610

Longitude: 18.6435010

Sweden, or Sverige in Swedish, is more than IKEA furniture, Vikings and meatballs. This Nordric country is an excellent tourist destination because of its rich history and modern cities. Stockholm, the country’s capital and largest, is a popular tourist stop with close to 100 museums, three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many other exciting attractions within the city’s limits.

Slightly larger than California, Sweden is situated in Northern Europe, west of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia. It is surrounded by Norway to the west and Finland to the northeast. It has maritime borders with Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, and it is also linked to Denmark in the southwest by the Öresund Bridge.

Visit Sweden during the winter and make sure to visit one of the country’s many ski facilities, including Åre, which is one of the largest in the country with 44 ski lifts. If you visit Sweden during the summer, take advantage of the long daylight hours, especially in the northern most part of the country, which dims to twilight only momentarily.

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