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Facts About Vietnam

Regional Population: 83,535,576

Time Zone: Saigon

Local Currency: VND

Latitude: 14.0583240

Longitude: 108.2771990

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia which borders China to the north, Laos to the northwest and Cambodia to the southwest. On the country’s east coast lies the South China Sea

The number of people visiting Vietnam has increased steadily over the past ten years. The country is investing capital into the coastal regions that are already popular for their beaches and boat tours. Hotel staff and tourism guides in these regions speak a good amount of English. However, the country’s other regions are also worth a visit.

The North, around Hanoi, harbors some of the most magnificent views of Vietnam. The Central Coast, around the ancient city of Hue, was the home of the Vietnamese kings, and features one of the nicest old seacoast towns in Vietnam, Hoi An. The Central Highlands are hilly and covered with lush forest. This region features native tribes and the occasional elephant, but is still accessible (for the more adventurous). The South is the economic engine of Vietnam, built around Ho Chi Minh City but also covering the lush and little-visited Mekong Delta, the rice basket of Vietnam.

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