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Facts About Europe

Latitude: 48.6909603909255

Longitude: 9.140625

Europe encompasses an area of 4,000,000 square miles, stretching from Asia to the Atlantic and from Africa to the Arctic. Europe's longest river is the Volga, which meanders 2,193 miles through Russia and flows into the Caspian Sea. The highest point in Eastern Europe is Russia's Mt. Elbrus, which rises 18,510 feet above sea level. Western Europe's highest point is Mont Blanc in the French-Italian Alps, which looms 15,771 feet above sea level.

Europe's climate ranges from subtropical near the Mediterranean Sea in the south to subarctic in the northern latitudes, near the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean. There is much in Europe for the traveler to enjoy, with a bewildering array of diverse cultures, cosmopolitan cities and spectacular scenery.

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