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Member Accounts on TravelMuse

The intial version of TravelMuse had personal profile pages where users could login, plan their trips, and communicate with friends. These pages are now offline. Since all user accounts are no longer available, we are unable to restore any past trips at this time.

Below is an overview of the original TravelMuse site.

The TravelMuse Bookmarker

One of the great tools available on TravelMuse was a unique bookmarker that could save pages, photos, or text from any web page to organize and plan a custom trip.

Trip Planner

Using the interactive tools on the site, you could add destinations and save any hotel, attraction, restaurant, shop, article, or guide to your trip. You could also browse trips created by other members.

Organize and Schedule

Once you had items saved to your trip, you could view them on a map or in a daily schedule. The map allowed you to discover nearby attractions or find ideas for other things to do. The mini calendar let you create a specific day-by-day itinerary and quickly move things around to figure out the best timing and transportation between locations.

Share and Collaborate

Using the social features through Facebook and Twitter, you could invite friends to plan a group trip together. Collaborators could then add comments to items in the trip or save additional items. Everyone was notified automatically whenever something new was added, and you could click a button to "Ask Friends" on Facebook for advice on your trip or specific items, such as a particular hotel or attraction. Comments on Facebook were automatically imported back into your trip on TravelMuse.

Print a Custom Guide

Finally, once your trip was ready, you could print a free custom PDF guidebook. It would contain the full schedule, as well as extra information about each item, directions for travel, and additional notes, all formatted and ready to print and take with you on the trip.

Future Plans

This was the original vision and the tools that were available on the site. Over the years, the focus has changed but we are open to ideas from users of the site. If you would like to send us feedback, or if you had a previous account and you need to recover critical information, please contact us.

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