2009 Hot Travel Deals

The economy may be in the tank, but there are some super savings on travel to top destinations to be had. Learn where here.

With hot travel deals to some of the world’s coolest destinations, including discounted cruises, resort specials and dirt-cheap air travel, 2009 promises to be a boon for the traveler. The tourism industry is aching for your travel dollars, and its suppliers are nearly paying for you to visit. Check out this excellent forecast from our buddies at PeterGreenberg.com to pique your wanderlust. So go on, book that Caribbean beach vacation, because these deals only come around once a worldwide recession.

Low-Cost Cruises

The old adage “the more the merrier” couldn’t be truer than when talking about a cruise. Well, for some people anyway. To ensure their sailings are chock full of happy passengers, cruise lines are offering steep discounts, especially for last-minute bookings, some with an average daily cost starting at just $35! Whether you book with a cruise line directly or through a third-party Web site, deals are to be had. Read more.

A caveat: Know the details of your deals before you book, cautions Condé Nast Traveler’s consumer news editor Wendy Perrin in both What You MUST Know Before Scooping Up a Cruise ‘Deal,’” in her blog, The Perrin Post, and in her latest Perrin Report column “Shipping News,” both found on Concierge.com. Some of the deals may be phony; others aren’t upfront about all related charges.

All-Inclusive Hotels and Resorts

By definition, the all-inclusives already cover food and beverage costs. But now, the deals are even better. Find especially sweet rate-slashing at Sandals Caribbean resorts and Mexico’s Tesoro Resorts, with savings up to 60 percent and some rates as low as $60 per night. Read more.


This beautiful island in the northern reaches of the Atlantic Ocean also made our Where to Go in 2009 list at TravelMuse. Iceland’s economic implosion means red-hot deals for travelers, including half-price airfare and hotel rates. Best deals are for now through mid-Spring; rates rise as the days lengthen. Not only that, but for East Coasters, it’s quicker to fly here than California. Read more.

GPS Cameras

GPS isn’t just for your car or phone, it’s also now included in many camera models, some starting at just $500. You’ll always know the exact time and location for all the gazillion images you now shoot anytime, anywhere. External GPS tagging units also are available. For additional tips on cameras, related equipment and shooting techniques to improve your vacation photos, check out the TravelMuse Photo Blog. Read more.

Take an Obamacation

The inauguration festivities ended earlier this week, but what are likely to be hot spots throughout the year are those destinations that have a direct connection to our new President, Barack Obama, namely Chicago, Honolulu, Washington, D.C., and several of the country’s African-American heritage sites, many of which are offering specials throughout the year. Read more.

Light Luggage Loads

The $15-plus baggage fees most airlines now charge per piece of luggage, combined with the ability to carry on as many 3 oz. or smaller containers of gels and liquids that can fit into a one-quart Ziploc bag means more people are returning to carry-on only luggage when they travel. As a result, carry-on bags are a hot item, as are accessories to help you fit in all your travel gear, efficiently. Get more travel light and accessory tips in our Lightweight Winter Clothing and Compact Carry-Ons articles.

In-Flight Wi-Fi

Surf the Internet as you fly the friendly skies. More and more airlines are jumping on the Wi-Fi train, er, plane. The first was American Airlines, followed by Delta, JetBlue and Virgin America. Read more.

See the complete article, “What’s Hot, What’s Not in Travel 2009” at www.petergreenberg.com.

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Europe is soon to be "cheap" again The British Pound has fallen dramatically as a result of the economic crisis in the UK. As of today a GBP can be bought for $1.39. It wasn't that long ago that it was almost $2.00! The dollar has been gaining ground on the Euro as well meaning that the whole continent is looking a lot more affordable these days. Couple this with falling fuel prices (which translate to lower airfare) and it's possible to travel abroad this summer without paying an arm and a leg.