Buenos Aires, Argentina and Beyond

Check out our latest issue for the the ABCs of Argentina: art, beef, character and scenery.

It seems as if during the past year or so, nearly everywhere I’ve gone I’ve run into someone who has just returned from an Argentine vacation. And oh how they love it!

Well, now that I’ve become a member of the club after spending two weeks there in late April, I can attest: There’s a lot to love. 

Buenos Aires is a fascinating city, with a rich history (Evita, anyone?), beautiful architecture, a strong arts-and-culture scene, futból, some of the best beef in the world, and, of course, tango. Outside its capital, Argentina offers a wealth of destination options, from the icebergs and rugged terrain of Patagonia in the south, to breathtaking waterfalls and jungles in the north, both with their share of stunning wildlife; from wine-growing regions in the west to the pampas and plains in between, worked by traditional gauchos and farmers.

One of my favorite things about the country is the incredibly beautiful scenery, found just about everywhere. I also love the spirit of the people—warm, generous and fun. Whether coming across a strange little man wearing a red cape, leotard and mask while wandering around the colorful neighborhood of Boca; making friends with an ecstatic fan and his daughter at a soccer game; watching a group of girls wearing fake mustaches while dancing in a circle in a park; or stumbling upon a roving samba band hitting the pavement in funky San Telmo, I found myself smiling at all the quirky characters that filled Buenos Aires.

Argentina also is a terrific family friendly destination, and it’s one of the few where a dollar can still go far. During my limited time there, I didn’t get to explore nearly as much of the country as I had hoped, so my coverage is limited to a Taste Buds column on wine-tasting through Mendoza, an Offbeat piece on spending a day across the river in Colonia, Uruguay, and a few editor’s picks here and there, including seeing a Boca soccer game.

Writer and mom Nichole Beauchamp, however, has lived in Buenos Aires for the past year and has had an opportunity to explore the city and country much more in depth. Check out her main feature on all that B.A. has to offer, as well as her picks for affordable family fun and kid-friendly dining options in the city. She’s also shares her experience taking her 3-year-old to the roaring Iguazú Falls, and on an exciting whale-watching excursion to the Península Valdés region in the center of the country along the Atlantic coast.

Other highlights of this issue include a salute to retro kiddie amusement parks by Amy Hatch, who also wrote about babymooning in this week’s Back Page column; a piece on taking the kids through Interactive Italy; a Special Needs focus on the accessibility of U.S. National Parks; and articles by super intern Nicole Fancher on the growing trend of voluntourism and the dos and don’ts of visiting Beijing for the Summer Games.

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Now I’m going to put our planner to use and start plotting my return trip to Argentina.

Happy travels!

Donna M. Airoldi
Editorial Director

Destinations: Argentina, Mendoza, Buenos Aires

Themes: Family Travel, Urban Endeavors

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