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Read our Los Cabos articles on where to stay and what to do before you plan your next Cabo vacation.

I have a friend who with a group of her buddies goes to Cabo San Lucas every year for Sammy Hagar’s annual fall concert. They get a big suite and bunk up together and party for three days straight. Each year she comes back and says she’s not doing it again. This year, she finally didn’t.

But don’t get the wrong impression that Los Cabos is just a Pacific coast version of Cancun. Far from it. While the destination has seen tremendous growth the past decade, the Mexican government and certain hospitality players have worked hard to ensure that the place keeps its charms and development doesn’t get out of hand. Instead of a plethora of spring break stories about the place, you’re more likely to read about the newest luxury resort or boutique hotel being built.

Indeed, Raffles Hotels & Resorts announced last month plans to manage a new luxury resort just outside Cabo San Lucas, the Raffles Cabo San Cristobal. Scheduled to open in 2011, the property will cover 80 acres and include 130 rooms and suites.

Don’t want to wait that long to visit the place?

Then be sure to read Deb Vanasse’s articles this week before you go. Vanasse owned a condominium in Los Cabos for several years and has visited there annually with her kids. She provides some terrific insider information on how to plan the best Los Cabos vacation possible.

Check our her Cabo feature and travel tips articles on what to know before you and once you’re there. Fishing is a big sport in Los Cabos, but there are other adventure activity options too. Looking for activities beyond the beach? Check out the town’s nightlife (even for kids), shopping options and more. Relax after it all with a healthy spa break.

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I finalized my move back to the East Coast from sunny Silicon Valley this past week, and to celebrate my return to my favorite city, next week’s feature is New York City.

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