Taking in the Seattle Scene and Scenery

There’s more than coffee to this Pacific Northwest city on Puget Sound.


I’m likely dating myself, as well as exposing my inner dork, but I first became aware of Seattle through reruns of the television program Here Come the Brides. It was a family-oriented show (by 1960s standards) set in the city during its early logging-industry days of the 1860s when a group of women were relocated from the East Coast to the nascent male-dominated town. Teen heartthrob Bobby Sherman and David Soul (in his pre-Starsky & Hutch days) were two of the show's stars.

It was a little romantic, a little humorous and often cheesy. But one thing that stayed with me all these years since is the beauty of the Pacific Northwest: stunning mountains, endless pine forests and clear blue skies. Whether that footage was the real deal or merely Hollywood’s impression of Seattle’s surroundings, that image is what comes to mind when I think of Seattle today.

The city has come a long way from its single-saloon-inn days of yore with log-rolling contests as a mainstay of family entertainment. Seattle now features several world-class hotels, museums, theaters, restaurants and shops, and is a terrific place to take the family. Jim Gullo, a Seattle native and The How-To Travel Guru blogger for, tells readers how to explore the city like a local, shares his family’s favorite parks and playgrounds, and gives tips for taking in the great outdoors, including where to dig for clams!

Other Seattle coverage includes a piece on taking a side trip along Washington State’s Route 2, our College Visits and Book Review columns, as well as a deal in our Travel News item.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve included a feature on how to make the most of your next mother-daughter getaway, including some specials to celebrate that special weekend. I added a piece on San Francisco's Zeum, a museum where art and technology meet; Andrew Weiss penned this week’s Taste Buds column about Parisian cooking classes for kids, inspired by last year’s film Ratatouille; while on the other end of the spectrum, Amy Hatch takes a look at potty training toddlers while on vacation in her Back Page column. We’ve also added a new column—Special Needs—that will cover issues faced by families traveling with individuals with specific physical or health needs.

In addition, this issue marks the debut contribution of our new senior editor, Jill Robinson, a former managing editor at Yahoo. I am thrilled to welcome Jill, who wrote our Offbeat column about her home-away-from home—the Bay Islands of Honduras. After reading about this Caribbean paradise, I’ve moved it to my short list for future vacations. You will too.

But first, back to Seattle. For those living on the West Coast, it’s easier than ever to get to the Emerald City. Virgin America launched service from San Francisco on March 18 and adds a route from Los Angeles on April 8. Jet Blue begins flights from Long Beach on May 21. As for hotels, the sleek Arctic Club Hotel opens its door in early June, while the new 150-room Four Seasons Hotel and Residences, Seattle, located at the end of Pike Place Market, is planning a Fall 2008 opening.

Guess I’ll have to make my way up to Seattle to check out that gorgeous scenery (and the clams) for myself.

Happy trails!

Donna M. Airoldi
Editorial Director

p.s. Next issue: Chicago

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Great article! I actually travel to Seattle all the time (our 2ND office is there)...and this article really shines a wonderful light no the city.

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