Happy Anniversary Québec!

Our current issue highlights this historic Canadian city as it celebrates its quadrennial. Also read about Euro soccer, the offbeat Winvian resort and stays with the in-laws.


On a recent flight from Buenos Aires to Mendoza, Argentina, the in-flight entertainment featured a Canadian television show Just for Laughs Gags, where unsuspecting individuals make fun of themselves in front of a hidden camera. Though I usually am not amused by such shows, I did find the situations rather funny and was reminded of what a terrific sense of humor Canadians have.

Canadians also are blessed with a wonderful sense of history. Québec City, in particular, is one such destination that bridges the Old World with the New. European influences are everywhere, from its architecture—Québec is one of the few remaining walled cities in North America—to its French language and culinary heritage.

There’s no better time to visit Québec than this year, 2008, its 400th anniversary. The city is celebrating practically all year long with special exhibits, shows and events, a new riverside park, and morning-to-night festivities on the big day, July 3. Learn more about these events in Barbara Radcliffe Rogers’ article on Québec’s anniversary. Rogers, who has visited Québec many times with her children and most recently with her granddaughters (and provided our previous Rome coverage), also has written our main Québec feature, plus she gives a unique perspective on Québec’s economuseums, a cross between a museum and factory tour. For Québec food fit for kids, check out John Egan’s roundup on sweet and savory joints.

Additional coverage this issue includes a feature by Nicole Fancher on outdoor safety prep, now that the hiking, caving and camping season is upon us; tips for taking a family whitewater rafting trip by Deb Vanasse, who also penned our previous Alaska coverage; an Offbeat piece on the unique Winvian resort in Connecticut, which allows children only a few times each year, by Kim Foley MacKinnon; and how to put together a grand Euro soccer tour, for young fans of the sport, by Andrew Weiss.

Our latest Back Page column takes a look at how to reduce stress when staying with family, in-laws and all, during a vacation; Lynn Goya’s take on ecotourism and how to stay green while on vacation; our usual travel deals; and A.E. Smith’s product review of safe water bottles, in light of the recent discovery that certain plastics used in the production of these bottles can cause cancer.

I will now leave you to read about Québec, the Europe of North America, as I return to my vacation in what is often called the Europe of South America—Buenos Aires. (A special thanks to Jill Robinson for taking the helm on producing this issue.) On a final note, after publishing biweekly for the past three months we transition to weekly issues, beginning today. See you back stateside on May 9 with coverage on Washington, D.C.

Bon voyage; buen viaje!

Donna M. Airoldi
Editorial Director

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