A Capital Affair

From how to take in the sights to where to find the best children’s theater, our Washington, D.C., issue covers it all.


For many U.S. residents, their first visit to our nation’s capital was most likely on a school-related trip. For me, it was to participate in a protest march. I won’t get into the what, when and whys of that long-ago trip, but I will share this: Washington impressed the hell out of me, and I’ve been back many times since, albeit for leisure trips as opposed to statement-making visits. And whether you love or hate politics (or politicians), there’s an awe and vibe of power in the air that can’t be missed. 

D.C.’s highlights for me are its myriad museums, theater performances and variety of international cuisines. The Smithsonian Institution is an incredible organization with something for everyone—young and old—whether your interests are in the arts, sciences or history. The number of museums in the city keeps growing too, with the Newseum being the most recent.

It’s no wonder then that Washington is one of the top family travel destinations in the country. There’s so much to see, learn and do. How to keep track of it all? Our resident expert Lisa Colburn Stewart, a D.C. mother of two, shares her recommendations and tips in our series of Washington articles. Get an overall feel for the capital in her main feature; check out Lisa’s hotel and family-dining recommendations; book your trip to coincide with one of Washington’s many annual cultural festivals; and learn which museums and monuments are best for kids based on age recommendations. She’s even put together a feature on local children’s theater for families that want to take advantage of the city’s many excellent live performance opportunities.

Samantha Cleaver writes about accessible D.C. in our special needs column, while Nicole Fancher covers a D.C. weekend college visit to Georgetown, George Washington, American and more. Also in this issue: Tuscan villa rentals, Birmingham hikes, Cape Town township tours, how to prep and pack for a road trip, and our weekly deals.

Speaking of weekly, you may have noticed that TravelMuse has transitioned from biweekly to weekly issues this month. Good thing I had that two-week vacation to get rested up! Next week look for coverage on Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

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Donna M. Airoldi
Editorial Director 

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