The Bag to Put It In: Part 1

Getting children their own special luggage makes them happier to carry their own weight on the road. Here are a few bags to help your little ones help you while traveling in style


It is a fine day for a traveling parent when their child goes from extra carry-on to a porter in his or her own right. And while the process will not be free of whining and heel-dragging, in my experience, kids are pretty happy to schlep a fraction of their weight while on the road. Having their own luggage lets children feel like they’re a contributing part of the adventure, with the same responsibilities as mom and dad—provided the burden isn’t too much of a drag.

To enhance the fun of traveling, resist the urge to shoehorn them into toting miniaturized copies of adult luggage—they’ll have plenty of time for the ubiquitous black wheeler when they grow up. Instead, here are a few cute and colorful luggage options for kids that will have them racing for the gate.

Trunki Rideable Suitcase

Trunki’s hard-cased, brightly colored, wheeled bags win for being both fun and functional. The carrier is designed to serve as both a small suitcase and convenient seating, ideal for wheeling a weary traveler between gates. The Trunki is light enough that it can be pulled by an older child or, with a quick conversion of the towing strap, thrown over the shoulder of an adult, and it fits easily into overhead compartments. Even when not in transit, these suitcases make a durable prop for any number of imaginative games. $49.95. or

Eagle Creek Travel Bankie

Who doesn’t need a little comfort on the road? This washable fleece blanket converts into a backpack and can double as a pillow or cushion. It comes in one of two adorable, travel-themed designs. $25. 

Super Pookie Pack

If your child is a superhero in disguise when traveling, or has graphic-savvy parents who are, then she might have a lot in common with Super Pookie, one of the characters created by French illustrators Pookie & Co. This shiny vinyl backpack is available for consumers in the United States for $27.95.

Like Upright Rolling Carry-On

For teens, waiting at the baggage carousel, like so many other inconveniences, can be eye-roll inducing. The items at Like Luggage were created by a teen girl who wanted nothing to do with the basic black numbers favored by her parents. This upright rolling case comes in six cute color combinations and will hold up well under the inevitable wear and tear, with an expanding front panel and in-line wheels. Matching duffle, laptop and accessory bags are also available. $99.99.

Personalized Dog Tags

Worse than missing a connection or losing your luggage, every parent’s greatest fear while traveling is getting separated from a child. These customized tags are fun and colorful, but also keep important emergency information at hand, including contact numbers, allergies, or other medical alerts. Tags are available for $10 each, with two-weeks notice.

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