It’s no surprise that most gourmets and wine connoisseurs are avid travelers, since every new destination offers a new dish or glass of wine. Plus, there’s no better way to experience ethnic fare than in its native environment. Many foodies plan vacations around their favorite cuisine, or a cooking tradition they’d like to get to know better. This could mean cooking classes with experienced chefs at a French or Italian villa, a wine-tasting tour in Tuscany or Napa or a guided food tour through a specific city or region.

One of the best places in the world to whet your appetite is France: Provence, Burgundy and the Loire Valley are world-famous culinary destinations. Mendoza, Argentina is fast becoming a wine-tasting hot-spot, and if your budget won’t allow European cooking classes, some more affordable top-notch options can be found in Oaxaca, Mexico and Bangkok, Thailand.

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