Experiential Travel

Destinations: Barcelona, London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, New Orleans, New York City
Activities: Cooking Classes


Tourists tend to zip through a place, adding a notch to their “been there, seen that” list of cities and countries. They may even boast that they made it through seven countries in seven days after a week in Europe. Others know better.

Travelers tend to experience a place from the inside rather than view it as an outsider. They prefer to linger in one place and savor the local culture, knowing that a closer encounter with a location allows people to learn more about cuisine, customs and history than a one-day jaunt through a city can provide.

Take a language class, stay in local homes, rent an apartment, take a cooking class—even spend your vacation volunteering to help build homes, preserve nature or teach local children. All opportunities allow you to meet and talk with people who you may not encounter as a regular tourist.

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