All the wild critters of the forests and deserts need wilderness areas to survive, but many travelers contend that people do, too. Getting out of the city or suburbs to take in empty spaces, open skies, clear rivers and craggy mountain peaks can be a rejuvenating way to escape stress and enjoy something greater than our hectic day-to-day lives.

But sometimes hiking, camping, rock climbing or rafting in the great outdoors is simply fun. Nothing is so thrilling as finally reaching the summit of a difficult climb, surviving a wet and bumpy ride through a patch of whitewater, or seeing wildlife at home in the great outdoors.

The American West offers some of the best opportunities for outdoor adventures in the world, like in U.S. National Parks such as Yellowstone and Yosemite. Stretched across the country, national parks include the Everglades and Grand Teton National Park. Those who want to travel further afield can explore New Zealand, Argentina or Switzerland, search out wildlife in the leafy green jungles of Ecuador or Brazil or climb to the top of a volcano in Costa Rica.

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