Montréal Culinary Vacations

Explore Culinary in Montréal


Montréal is a city for food lovers. Although French-Canadian influences are predominant in its cuisine, Montréal is also known for its wide variety of gastronomical delights. Try a smoked-meat sandwich from the famed Schwartz’s or stop by Canadian Maple Delights to pick up a bottle of maple syrup. Also, don’t leave Montréal without trying a plate of poutine: a plate of French fries smothered with gravy and chunks of white cheddar—a true favorite of the city. Montréal is also known for its upscale confectioners, who are constantly tempting the city with decadent chocolates. Indulge your senses at Suite 88, Montréal’s first-ever chocolate lounge and boutique.

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